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Title: Lieutenant Christopher “Hammer” Scott, Part 2
Author notes: this is seventh chapter
Big thanks to my wonderful beta Jerseybelle

They were alone now, face to face. Lt. Chris “Hammer” Scott and Danny “Danno” Williams, each have something in common, Steven McGarrett.

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“I know, I could tell, but I don´t think we have much to say to each other since we just meet.”
“That´s where you´re wrong, I have a lot to say and you´ll listen. Steve deserve as much.”

“What do you know about what Steve deserves?”

“I know enough. I know my friend, the one who flew sixteen hours just to be with me the day my baby girl was born is broken, and I don´t understand why because you love him. I don´t know how but you screwed this up. I saw my partner, Williams, I saw my best friend defeated and I have never, in all the time I’ve known Steve McGarrett, seen him so defeated. You broke his heart, you broke him and that enraged me because he is my brother, because he drinked all my Jack Daniels when my first wife cheated on me, because the moment I told him about my intentions of marrying my second wife he step in and helped me to plan our wedding here, he´s been through so much with me, I owe him my life and so when I see him broken I get mad and you hurt him.”

“I know.”

“Is that all you have to say for yourself?”

“What you want me to say? That I´m a fucking asshole because I let true love slip through my fingers? I love him but it scares me, the intensity, I’ve never loved anyone like that, not even my ex-wife who’s the mother of my baby. I never love her like this. That night, when he sang that song, I panicked. I was stupid because it was pretty fucking obvious who he was singing his heart out to. And then he left for God knows where without knowing how much I love him back and now...”

“Now you need to decide.”

“What is there to decide? I´m gonna be here when he gets back and I´m going to apologize until he believes me. Fuck I´ll beg if I have to, for him to give me a second chance.”

“What do you know about him?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Look Williams, I´m listening to you and yeah, all the promises that you´re making are nice, but...”

“But what? You don´t think I can keep my promise?”

“No, what I have is fear.”


“Williams, you seem like a fine cop, a great detective according to some people I’ve spoken to, but I´m scared because I´m not sure that you´ll stay.”

“Explain better because I didn´t seem to follow you.”

“Williams, I´m scared for my friend. He loves you so much, he does, but I´m not so sure about you. Being with a SEAL is not easy.”

“Yes, I know about Steve, I know he´s an assassin.”

Chris let out a dark laugh that sent chills to Danny´s spine.

“That´s what I´m talking about, Williams. We´re SEALs, we´re called when no one else can fix a situation, we see things that stay with us. We have seen what humans are capable of doing; we never knock on Hell´s door, we just go in. What we see is what nightmares are made of, the things we do for our country, for the safety of its citizens stays with us, but we shake the memories and keep going because we have families to protect. We do our job because there isn´t anyone else to do it; we protect our families, we protect their freedom, we fight so the next generation won’t have to, so that they stay all tucked in and safe. We make the monsters go away, and keep the world from falling. And my friend, he carries so much of the burden, because he´s responsabile for his unit; he worries about his men. My friend had seen the worst, has been in the darkness for so much time that I got scared for a while, but now here you are, promising me to love him unconditionally. I want to believe you, but will you stay when the nigthmares come and he wakes up screaming in the night? Will you stay with him while he swims to banish his fears and demons ? Will you stay when the tears start to fall? He needs someone to love him, to make sure he remebers that he´s very loved, that he´s not alone and never will be, or he´ll get lost, lost in a darkness that hurts you.”

“Speak from experience?”

“Being with a SEALs isn´t nice, we work hard in our training and we work even harder in our mission. When our country needs us we leave everything behind, and we awake the hunters and the demons that we keep chained inside us; we expose ourselves to pain, to the worst torture, and we do it with honour because it’s what we do, because there isn´t anyone else to do our jobs. We bring justice, and then when, and if, we do come back, we´re so full of scars that we need the love our families provide. We need to feel other things besides despair, desolation, guilt, shame, pain, or we just eat our guns. Our families are what keeps us alive, they´re our hope and our weapon again the darkness, you´re our protectors and I want to believe, I really want to believe that you´ll stay, but I´m telling you this now, when no one is here, if you have any doubts, please just walk away.”

“Walk away?”

“Yes, walk away now and finish shattering my best friend’s heart, but do it now and be clear, tell him that you don´t love him, end his desire for you, but do it soon. Don´t leave him hanging, do it without regret so that when he burns away the pain he can rebuild his heart and his life. If you can´t handle him, Williams, I´m asking you to leave him alone, but don´t make him guess. Be sure of what you´re going to do”

Danny could see how much this man cared for Steve, he heard him asking Danny to be honest, he listened to what he said about Steve and his job and saw the loyalty there too, but it didn´t change. What this man had told him chilled his bones but at the same time, made his love for Steve bigger. He and Grace, and Chin and Kono will take care of Steve. all but more him and monkey, yes he was determined to be Steve´s Ohana, Steve protected him and his baby so Danny will protect Steve. Danny will love Steve.

“I´m sure, I love him.”

“Well...” but I never got to finish because my phone rang.

Danny`s POV
I hear Hammer´s talking, and I don´t like it, he´s white as a sheet, something is wrong.
“Tell me moron, how dark was the weather? Tell me how bad.” and he closed his eyes.The next thing I know his green eyes are flashing and while his look isn´t as scary as Steve´s, it is scary enough.

“Have a helicopter ready, he needs his family there. I don´t fucking care where you find it, just find me a chopper or I´ll cut you balls off. You have until I arrive, and you better pray you have everything ready.”

I know it’s bad, I can feel it, something was very, very wrong. When he looks back at me, I know, Steve is down.

“If I had one call to make
I would dial yesterday and warn myself
Tell my lips the words to say
Not let you just walk away...”

“How bad?”

“Took two, one in the abdomen and one in his left shoulder, a broken leg and a stab wound plus there’s an infection and they said his body is shutting down.”



“No, he isn´t going to die, not now. He needs us.”

“Let’s go.”

And I ran to get Grace from her bed while calling Chin and telling him what’s going on I want to make sure that he and Kono meet us at the Naval Base. I call Rachel and explain what happened and she tells me to wait for her, that she will bring clothes for Grace and her papers to fly.

In my mind I keep repeating, over and over, ‘Steven can´t leave me’.

“I love you, babe, just wait for us. Your Ohana is on the way to you.”

“Tell my lips the words to say
Not let you just walk away...”


MTJW Chapter six: Gracie´s Gift

Title: Gracie´s Gift
Author Notes: This is the sixth chapter
Thanks again for your wonderfull review and a special thanks to my beta.
Thank you for helping me, Jerseybelle, Thanks !!!!

Hammer´s POV

After Grace told them who I was, they looked at me like I was water in the desert. I knew they wanted news about Steve. Williams had expressive eyes, although not quite as expessive as Smooth had, but you could tell he wanted to ask me something, but he was afraid.

Kono and Chin were afraid too, and that made me smile because my brother had a very good family.

Gracie was little girl but she was an old soul. Her eyes said she knew; she knew what her father had done, she knew about my friend’s feelings and she understood.

“I´m sorry, he´s been hurt; he was injured. He´s a stubborn mule so he´s not giving up the mission, but he was hurt.”

Williams’s response shocked me.

“I knew that, what I´m waiting for you to tell me is...” and I knew what he was asking before he finished.

“You broke his heart, shattered it, but like I said, he has a job to do.”

And Williams closed his eyes.

“My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this is my wish...”

“I´m here because he needed for me to give this to you, Grace.” I held the envelope out to her, but her father took it to read it to her The little SEAL snatched the envelope from his hands.

“It´s mine, Uncle Steven sent it for me, Danno.”

“Sorry, Monkey.”

“You´re forgiven, Danno, now will you read it for me?”

And he does.
“Dear Princess,
Hi, Gracie, it’s me, your Uncle Steve I´m so sorry Princess for not being able to be there but I´m chasing really bad men. I´m trying to make sure that you and our Ohana stays safe. You understand that, baby? I love you, Princess; you´re my light when Uncle Steve has to chase the monsters away. I just think of you and like magic, everything is better.
You and Ohana are a part of me, Sweet Pea, and I love you so much.
Have a very happy birthday and tell everyone that I´ll be really mad if you aren´t spoiled this day.
My gift for you is in my study; it’s a white box with your name on it. when you have it, Uncle Chin or Auntie Kono can explain it to you.
I love you Princess
Uncle Steve.

PS: tell our Ohana that I miss them and tell them to behave.

“This is my wish
I hope you know somebody loves you
May all your dreams stay big and come true...”

When Williams finished reading the letter Grace asked him to go with her to find her present.

Grace and Danno went into the house and in just a few minutes they were back. Grace immediately opened the box, anxious to see what Uncle Steve had given her. I knew something was up when I heard the sharp intake of breath from Chin and Kono.

When I saw the present a “wow” escaped my lips. The gift was a necklace made to look like a Hawaiian Lei. The flowers were made of white gold and it had within the shape of the flowers, metals that represented the colours. It was a beautiful piece of jewlery but I know it had to have more meaning than that.

Williams knows it too, and so does his extremely smart daugther so they both turn their attention to Chin, who was having a debate with his cousin.

“Chin, you need to tell them, the boss says so.”

“I don´t know, Kono”

“The hell you don´t. I´m getting tired of your gender; what is it about you and the inhability to express your feelings? The boss man is a frigging SEAL and you said he doesn´t talk about feelings, but if I had to say something, I’d say he´s better than you, he asked you to explain something, so DO IT.”

“Kono, it isn´t that easy.

I see that the little Hawaiian hurricane is about to deck her cousin when my friend´s Princess speaks up.
“Uncle Chin, why don´t you want me to know what Uncle Steve’s gift means?”

“It’s not that lei, but...”

“It’s because of me, Chin, isn´t it? Well don´t you worry, just explain Steve´s gift to us so I can feel more like an ass than what I already do.”

“Ok, Grac...” he was about to call her Gracie when we all saw her eyes flash. She may have only been a young girl, but her eyes told you that she would cut your head off if you dared to use her Uncle Steve’s name for her.

“Grace, that lei you have belonged to Steve´s mother. There´s a tradition with it You see, she left it for Steve to give to his daughter. You need to understand that a lei means love but also protection and a promise.”

“A promise?”

“Yes. Do you see the different materials the necklace is made of? Well, this means a way back home. Steve is promising you that you´ll always have a home here with him. He´s telling you that you´re part of his family and that he´ll always be there for you and if you ever get lost, you just need to see your necklace and it will guide you back home, back to someone who loves you.”

“ I hope you never look back, but ya never forget,
All the ones who love you, in the place you left...”

“Wow.” Yep that was the only reaction as all of us were otherwise speechless. Williams seemed to understand the depth of my friend’s love for his daughter.

The Princess looked pleased. There wasn´t any doubt that she knew what her Uncle Chin told her, and that seems to have made it into Williams’ core.

We continued the celebration in peace until Grace got tired and went to sleep but not before asking me if I could help Danno and Steve.

“I’ll do my best.”

“Thank you.”

Grace took her gift and carefully carried it to the house, her father walking beside her. I could hear “Danno loves you Monkey,” and her response of, ”Monkey loves you, Danno,” as she went through the lanai door.

The cousins had left but not before admonishing me to be careful with their friend.

Finally, there was just the two of us.

“We need to talk,” I told Williams.

“Yes, I know.”

It was time for us to talk.

Title: Lieutenant Christopher “Hammer” Scott Part 1
This is the fifth chapter of the story I had to bring someone from Steve´s other world
Thanks again to my beta Jerseybelle for all her help

Lieutenant Christopher “Hammer” Scott was a Navy SEAL and was a pretty good one, he was the oldest of seven children always the calm one, his mother loved him because he could always take care of one if his sister´s nervous crisis with an ease that neither her nor his father possess.
When he found his calling in the Navy and later in the SEAL his father had been more proud than when he chase away his sister´s intended boyfriend.
His dad never got to see him becoming a Lieutenant, he passed away when he was just starting in the SEALS, but the pain passed because he knew how much his father had loved him.
The first time he met Steven McGarrett he was impressed, he was two inches tallen than him and had a presence that you couldn´t denied, he was swimming and you could have swonr that he was born in the water, he was the first of his class and that day Chris understood that this was what he wanted in a friend.
When he first talked to Steven he understood that something wasn´t right, his new friend carried a lot of pain, it took him a lot of time to finally gather all of his story, Steven McGarrett had lost his family, his mom´s death had shattered his family and was only his desire to protect and serve his country that got him throug his days.
He was a sthraight man, he didn´t have anything again gay people because love was love but still he love women but he was man enough to know the beauty of his new friend blue grey eyes, but what got you hook was the profound of his look, but his friend was so sad, then the years passed and they became the duet, “Smooth dog and Hammer” he didn´t feel bad for being the second he was so proud of serving under his friend, Steven McGarrett was the best, he had an intelligence, focus and drive on the job that was impossible to match so when he offered him to be his second he never doubt it for a minute.
They spend years on the job and Steve was there when he needed him, when Allie and got married and later when he bicth cheated on him with another officer, when he met Susan and later being the planner for their wedding on a rush in Hawaii and when Bella was born he was there after sixteen hours on a plane to get, he got there to help him not panic.
When he heard that John McGarrett was killed he knew his friend wouldn´t be comming back, by a letter his friend told him that he was taking over the Gobernor´s task force and took pity for the one he took as a partner, because he knew his friend and “by the book” wasn´t something that a SEAL or better said Steven McGarrett knew how to do.
I was away for my assigment a lot but Suze got me news about my friend and throug Catherine I heard about his relationship with his partner and his Gracie´s father, Rollins had said that the way they acted around each other was endearing and sickly sweet, that they were clearly in love. Why I ask this? I´m not a perv just a concerned friend that couldn´t be there for his friend and yeah Sooth if in love his eyes will seal the deal if you know him you know his eyes tells you more than his words and I think that he´s scared, I know about him being bi, never had a troublem about it, Steve prove himself being my best friend so who he chooses to date or sleep with doesn´t really concer me.
Months after Joe told me that Steve was in prison, I wanted to see him but I was going to an assigment, Joe promise me to help him.
It took them time but they got him out, I bleed for the time he had to spend in locked he was like a wild animal when caged, but Joe promise me that he was getting better.
A few months ago we got an assigment and the general told us that he was bringing the hole team because it was top classified, I though Steve would refuse, I though that he would stay with his Ohana, but I was wrong, my friend or what was left of him came with us.
He was in pieces, broken, something was seriusly wrong, his blue-grey eyes were almost white devoid of emotion, someone had broken his friend, his commarades could tell too and they weren´t happy someone had broken their leader and that enraged them.
With days Steve became the shadow of the men we knew, he was still as dedicated and focused to the mission as always but he lacked his heart.
I was stupid and careless and got hurt, Steve had to send me away, I had to leave my friends they were preparing to transport me here when he got to me and give me a letter.
“you go to my home you hear me, and find Gracie and give her this, you give her this to her, you make sure my Ohana is safe”
“OK Smooth you take care”
“you make sure my Ohana is safe” and he look at my eyes and I understood.
“I would make he´s fine” I whispered.
I was going home and I had a mission.
Susan and my Bella were waiting for me, my cirjury went fine and I spent two weeks in the Naval Hospital and then left my family and went to find my best friend Ohana.
They were trying and I say trying because they looked like they were at a funeral instead of a birthday when I see that they notice me.
I can see the blond one trying to not fall and the two Hawaiian paled the little girl knows who I am, that is sure but they ushered inside.
I greet them cordially because I know that if I don´t somehow Steve will found out and will be after my blood.
The blond one then says “I´m Danny Williams, Grace´s father” and I know this is the jerk that hurt my friend, rage darknes my eyes and next time I know he´s on the ground.
That seems to bring the hawaiians out because they prepare to retaliate when Grace´s voice stops them not before comming and making sure I was who I say I was, my friend trained her well.

“Danno, uncle Chin, Auntie Kono this is Hammer, Uncle Steve best friend and second in being super SEAL” she says
“how do you know that?” the moron ask
And the little girl looks at his father with a look that remins me too much of Steve and says
“Uncle Steve show me a picture and taugh me what to ask to be sure if he was the man”
And I can tell that I´ll be doing more of what my friend ask me, yeah is time for me to rock Smooth dog´s Ohana and maybe bring my friend his happy ending.

Title: The Seven Month in Danny´s life
Hi everyone this is the fourth chapter in my story.
Hope you like it
Thanks to my beta.

“If i had one call to make
I would dial yesterday and warn myself
Tell my lips the words to say
Not let you just walk away...”

Danny´s POV

You´re gone, I left you leave, no I mess this up, how could I fuck this up so bad?
I love you and you think, you think Oh God I want to trow up, you´re saying sorry for loving the poor pathetic excuse of a man that I am, you´re saying sorry, you´re asking me, hell you´re practicly begging me to not shun you out of mine and Gracie´s life like I could? Oh God I screw this up so badly, you love me, why beats the hell out of me but you love me I can feel it now, I´m so sorry Steven for not being able to tell, I´m sorry babe, but now you´re gone and is only me to be blamed for it.

“I had all but given up
On finding the one that I could fall into
On the day before you
I was ready to settle for
Less than love and not much more
There was no such thing as a dream come true
Oh, but that was on the day before you...”

I´m at your place I can´t stand to go because you may call, I know you won´t because lets face it you´re away but I can only hope, and because the situation with their Ohana was very well, his ears were still ringing from Kono´s yelling for having fuck up that night.

“Who do you think he was singing his heart out to? The friggin’ blonde next to him??? Are you that thick??? Angel eyes, he was singing to you, declaring his love to you and what does the great haole detective do??? Eh?? He left. You left him, you should have seen his eyes when he couldn’t find you, you stupid mainlander, no pineapple on pizza, boy.”

“He was singing to me??” He really shouldn´t have asked that stupid, stupid stupid question when they both knew the answer, because it only infurate her more.


And yeah, he was man enough to be scared of her and be fine with it, and beside he was really sorry for hurting Steven because he had lost that chance to be wth the man he was in love with.
But if his ears were still ringing from Kono his jaw well Chin sure knows how to throw a punch and boy he has a mean hook.
“you hurt my brother and Ohana or not you have to pay for it and consider yourself lucky that I got the punch and Kono the lecture, because she wanted the other way”
“thanks I guess and I really didn´t want to”
“I know brah but now you have to fix it, tell him you love him”
“do you think...?”
“he´s comming back, he loves you and Grace to much to leave you, but you need to show him that his love is welcomed and reciprocated because super SEAL or not a man only can take much pain and Steve and you had been through enough is time for you to have happiness”
“yeah I hear you”
“Do something Danny, love him”
“good now want a beer to black out the girly moment”
“heck yeah”

And well his daugther was the worst, she didn´t hit him or anything when he tried to explain her what happened and why her loved uncle won´t be there she just look at him with her big eyes and shook her head and a tiny voice told him.
“why did you hurt uncle Steve, Danno? Why?” and left him stunned and with his mouth opened.

Month after month went through and they got no news, and I´m fricking out, I can´t sleep at night because the nightmares about him not comming back haunts my dreams my hearts aches because I miss him with desparation, Chin, Kono and Grace had wrote him a letter and the new Gobernor promise them that he will pull a few strings to make sure the letter gets to Steve´s hands.

I have so much to say, and so little I started a lot of letters I´m sorry I love you too didn´t seem to cober everything, I wanted to write I love you so much please come home to me, please come to my arms, but I couldn´t, Steve was man enough to tell me his feelings at my face, I should be the same, so I decide to not send a letter which cost me a lot of glares from Kono and Chin and Gracie´s shaking her head, I could tell they were mad at me but Steven and I need to talk face to face.
He needs to hear my voice see my lips to say the I love you.

Some days later I can´t shake the feeling that something was wrong, my heart hurts and I got up and I know Steve is hurt, my tears fell down because he´s hurt and I´m not there, nobody can convince me that he´s fine because I know that he´s hurt.
He´s a part of me a part of my soul so I know and I´m terrified because I can´t loose him no before having a chance to tell him.

We´re at Steve´s home celebrating or at least trying to celebrate Grace birthday when I see a white uniform, and my legs tremble, Chin and Kono both freeze and go white as sheet, Grace knows somethings but before she can speak we usher her inside.
The man has an imponent precense not nearly close to Steve but has a precense, he´s a SEAL and he´s injured.
“hello my name is Christopher Scott, Chris or Hammer for my friends and I´m looking for Grace Williams”
“I´m Danny Williams, Grace´s father” and boy I never though that saying that will make me regret but there is a first time for everything as I see the green eyes of the men before me darkner in rage and before I can ask his fist is flying in my direction.
Is Grace voice that stop Chin and Kono from retaliate and explain the punch.
She ask him a question which he seems surprised and amused to answer but does anyway then she flies to his arms and I´m surprise to see his eyes fill with a warmth that wasn´t there before.
“Danno, uncle Chin, Auntie Kono this is Hammer, Uncle Steve best friend and second in being super SEAL”
“how do you know that?”
“Uncle Steve show me a picture and taugh me what to ask to be sure if he was the man”
“like I say before I´m Lieutenant Christopher “Hammer” Scott and I´m here under Steve´s orders...”
And with one look I can tell that I´ll never forget Lieutenant Christopher “Hammer” Scott´s visit.


Title: Steven McGarrett

Author notes: This is the third part. Big thanks to my brilliant beta, Jerseybelle, for all her help.

There are parts of a bunch of country songs that I thought fit the situation and what Steve was feeling.

Songs sung by: Travis Tritt, Rascal Flatts and Norah Jones *(or Hank Williams, Sr for Cold, Cold Heart)

*(I put this down at the beginning of the story, since in the story you have similar scene settings)*

“I can't hide the way I feel about you anymore
I can't hold the hurt inside, keep the pain out of my eyes anymore
My tears no longer waiting...my resistance ain't that strong
My mind keeps recreating a life with you alone
And I'm tired of pretending that I don't love you anymore...”

Steve´s POV

Before Steve sang that song at the bar…

Danno, what am I going to do? I found myself in love with you, and I know we have no chance. I have no chance that you feel the same way about me, I´m scared because I don´t know what to do, because I´ve never felt this way, and I was prepared to never have these feelings. My life, Danny, is complicated so love, the only kind I knew was the one my momma give me. But then you came into my life and you ranted your way inside me.

"Let me make one last appeal to show you how I feel about you...hmmm
Cause there's no one else, I swear, holds a candle, anywhere, next to you
My heart can't take the beating of not having you to hold
A small voice keeps repeating deep inside my soul...
It says I can't keep pretending that I don't love you anymore

I've got to take the chance or let it pass by
If I expect to get on with my life
With my life..."

During the song…

Danny, see me; Danny, see me; Danny, see me; give me a chance, Danny; love me, don´t break my heart, Danny, Danno look at me, just look at me, see my eyes Danny see me.

"And I can't hide the way I feel about you anymore
And I can't hold the hurt inside, keep the pain out of my eyes anymore
My tears no longer waiting
Oh, my resistance ain't that strong
Oh, my mind keeps recreating a love with you alone
And I'm tired of pretending I don't love you anymore...anymore...anymore...”

Why, Danny? Why did you leave? Why??

Steve´s home…

“There was a time when I believe that you belonged to me
But now I know your heart is shackled to a memory...”

I´m leaving you a letter, Danno. My old captain was here when I came home. They need me and maybe if I have some space, I can fall out of love...yeah who am I trying to kid here? I´m going to love you always but I got to try. Tonight proved me that you still love Rachel or at least you don´t love me; I´m not enough.

I love you, Danny, and I hope you’ll be happy.

I have to go. I’m not afraid; the Navy is my place but not my home anymore. Home is Ohana, home I though could be you and Gracie. Guess I´ll have to figure out a way to hide my feelings for you.

Somewhere far from Hawaii
Seven months later…

“I'm not afraid to cry every once in a while even though
Goin' on with you gone still upsets me
There are days every now and again I pretend I'm okay
But that's not what gets me..."

It has been seven month already. I´m so tired that some days I think that my body is going to shut down. There’s been fighting and my unit had seen action. I had to send a man home because he was injured and I sent Gracie´s birthday gift and a letter back with him. He´ll get these things to them, he´ll get them to my Ohana.

I can´t write or call home because it would compromise our position; we´re getting close to our target. I´m injured, but getting better; my men support me. I think of my Ohana every single day; they´re always with me, Kono, Chin, Gracie and Danny.

Danno, you may have broken my heart but your voice is what got my heart through dark days.

“Wait for back up, Steve, don´t go being super SEAL.”

I got a letter through our general and I still read Kono´s message. “Come home, Boss.”

Chin´s “Brah, be careful.”

Gracie’s “I love you Uncle Steve, please be safe and come home.”

And you Danny?? Why didn´t you write me?

"What hurts the most
Was being so close
And havin' so much to say
And watchin' you walk away..."

You walked away from me, Danny, but I though at least you cared about me. Could I have ruined our friendship?, Could I have driven you away? I need you in my life but I can´t force you to stay if you don´t want to be here. I love you, Danno, and I´m so sorry that you don´t feel the same way.

"And never knowin'
What could've been
And not seein' that lovin' you
Is what I was tryin' to do..."

You don´t know, Danny, you don´t know; you didn´t want to know.

The days are getting more dangerous, our enemies known about our getting closer, but I´m calm because I sent my letter. I´m in charge, my unit depends on me to lead them to success.

We attack and we fight, we got the hostages and our targets.

“Man down, man down.”

“Smooth Dog, you don´t dare leave us...”


“Keep going, Henderson, we complete the mission, we take the hostages to the extraction point.”

“Sir, you´re hurt!”

“Steve, man, you with me?”

“Yeah, we complete the mission.”

We walk. Bullets and explosion and fire surround us and Hammer goes down. I take him and my charge with me, and I can see Danny´s face, Gracie´s face, Kono’s and Chin´s faces, my Ohana is smiling at me and I keep going.

“Come on, Uncle Steve. You can do it.”

“Yeah, brah, you´re strong.”

“Boss, you can, you´re almost there.”

“You can do it, Super SEAL, you don´t get to surrender, you keep going.”

And I reach that point and everything goes black.

“I'm falling head over heels for you

So baby there it is I've let it go and now you know
It's funny how a feeling starts so small and starts to grow
I had every line rehearsed I'd say to you today
Then you looked into my eyes and they just slipped away

'Cause I 'm head over heels for you...”

Your face is the last thing I see, Angel Eyes, you´re smiling at me.
'Cause I 'm head over heels for you.


Title: The Words I Couldn´t Say
Hi, this is the second chapter of the story

Song by Rascal Flats

“In a book- in a box- in the closet
In a line- in a song I once heard
In a moment on a front porch late one June
In a breath inside a whisper beneath the moon..."

Danny’s POV

It had taken him ten minutes after getting home to understand that Steve had been singing to him. It was as clear as the air in Hawaii; the man he was in love with loved him back, and tonight he pretty much told everyone there, including his two fellow members of the task force. And Danny had all but dismissed him.
Like a crazy man, he took his car keys and went to the camaro. He had to find Steve and tell him that he now understood and that he loved him back; he had to find his crazy SEAL and tell him.

“There it was at the tip of my fingers
There it was on the tip of my tongue
There you were and I had never been that far
There it was, the whole world wrapped inside my arms
And I let it all slip away...”

He knew something was up because Steve´s house was far to quiet. He took the spare key and went inside and then he knew, Steven wasn´t there. He knew that because there was a white envelope with his name on it, waiting for him to find it.

“What do I do now that you're gone
No back up plan, no second chance
And no one else to blame
All I can hear in the silence that remains
Are the words I couldn’t say

There’s a rain that will never stop fallin’
There’s a wall that I tried to take down
What I should have said just wouldn’t pass my lips
So I held back and now we've come to this
And it’s too late now...”

Danny´s fingers were shaking; heck, Danny´s whole body was shaking.


Well, Danno, I´m not here as you can see. When I got home they were waiting for me, my unit had been called up. I´m in the Reserves and they need me now and I need them. I need the space, Danno.
Tonight was difficult for me. Letting our friends and pretty much everyone in that bar know how I feel about you wasn´t a smart move, but I don´t regret it. Well, it sucks that you don´t feel the same way about me, but it was a risk I needed to take.
I´m sorry, Danno. I didn´t meant to fall in love with you; it just happened. Please don´t hate me, and don´t take me out of your’s and Gracie´s life. I need you both, please just give me the time to try and fall out of love, and maybe salvage our friendship.
I don´t know how long I´ll be away. The new Governor already knows and has agreed to allow you to run 5-0 –(I don´t trust anyone else).
Tell Chin and Kono not to worry and tell Gracie that Steve loves her.
Be safe, Danno.


“What do I do now that you’re gone
No back up plan, no second chance
And no one else to blame
All I can hear in the silence that remains
Are the words I couldnt say
Are the words I couldn'y say..."

I should've found a way

After reading Steve’s letter, Danny fell to the floor, fell because he had messed up everything, because he had broken Steven´s heart. His tears fell because the pain he was feeling was far too much for him to resist and because he knew that Steven´s pain was worse. Danno fell because the one he loved had left, not knowing the truth, had left without knowing that Danny loved him as much as he loved Danny or even more. Danny fell because he was scared, terrified of losing the possibility of ever seeing Steve again. Danno fell because he couldn´t speak, because now, the opportunity he had wished so much to have was lost with the words he had waited so long to say.

Danno fell because he was broken.

“What do I do now that you’re gone
No backup plan, no second chance
And no one else to blame
All I can hear in the silence that remains
(Silence that remains)
Are the words I couldn’t say

What do I do
(What do I do now that you’re gone)
What do I say
(No backup plan, no second chance)
And no one else to blame
All I can hear in the silence that remains
Are the words I couldn’t say...”

“Oh, babe, I need you to come back, and when you do I´ll fix this, I swear,”

He took his keys and left the house to find the cousins. Before closing the doors he told the empty space,

“Danno loves you, Steve, and I promise, you´ll get to hear me.”


More Than Just Words Steve/Danny slash

Title: More than Just Words
Author notes: Hi, this is my first Hawaii 5-0 fic, so all I´m asking is for you to be patient with me
Critisism is welcomed, flamming will be ignored –because in the summary I warned that this will be slash so don´t bother later to complain-
This may be a little ooc for Steve but fankly he can do a lot of things so why not sing?
Big thanks to my beta, Jerseybelle

Song by Rascal Flatts

Danny, Steve, Chin and Kono, were in a bar sharing a few drinks after a bad case that hit all of them…They saw that their boss was affected the most.
Steven had been the one to kill the responsabile a kid that wanted to die to end his misery. Danny saw his partner’s eyes when he took the shot, they were filled with pain and that enraged and sadened the Jersey cop because he was pretty much in love with his crazy SEAL, not that he’d ever tell him.

They were content to listening others sing because it was karaoke bar until Steven was called to partipate…They had picked a karaoke bar, hoping the laughter and singing would help their mood. They were content to just listen to others sing until Steven was called up to participate.

Steve’s POV

Steven McGarrett was angry and sad, but mostly tired. The last case had drained his energy but what was eating his heart was Danno. Yeah, he had fallen in love with his partner and he knew he didn´t have a chance with him, so his very protected heart was breaking slowly and painfully.

When he was requested to sing he was about to decline, but it had been a long time since those days when he thought that everything could be fixed with music. He took the stage and went through the songs until he found one that spoke so well of what he was feeling , that , and he knew it was the song for him.

So he took the stage and began.

“Ah, yeah
ah, yeah, yeah
Before we met I was free
I never had to worry about anyone but me
Now that boy is gone and in his place
Is a man who needs to hold you night and day
So if I stumble, if I fall
Forgive me, I´m just learning as I go along
See me through, see me through
This aching heart has come so far
To be with you, see me through
With angel eyes, just look inside
At all thislove I never want to lose
See me through...”

Danny´s POV

When Steve started to sing everyone fell silent. It was like listening to angels sing, Steve had to had the most beautiful voice he had ever heard; and his eyes, his eyes were telling a story; they were asking for someone to see it.

He was entranced; Steve was like a siren, like he didn´t have a fucking clue but through the song he could feel Steve´s pain and how he wished he could erase it and Danny could feel Steve´s yearning his overwhelming desire for that person to listen and again the Jersey cop wished he was the recipient of Steve´s plea

Kono’s POV

Can Danny be this stupid? The boss is clearly singing to him and the other boss doesn´t have a clue.

“I know sometime I let you down
But I´m still getting used to having you around
And if I ever make you cry
There is nothing I won´t do to make things right
I´m not perfect and that´s for sure
A little time is all I´m asking for
See me through, see me through
This aching heart has come so far
To be with you, see me through
With angel eyes, just look inside
At all this love I never want to lose
See me through...”

Steve’s POV

Danny, see me; Danny, see me; Danny, see me; give me a chance, Danny; love me.

Danny POV

Angel eyes? Could he be talking about me? No, I don´t think so, but how I wish he was.

I can´t stand to listen to this anymore. “I´m out,” I tell the others

“See me through this mask I wear
Well, I´m almost there, you know I care
I am the man you always thought you knew
See me through, see me through
This aching heart has come so far
To be with you, see me through
With angel eyes, just look inside
At all this love I never want to lose
See me through
See me through, yeah see me through
Oh, see me through
Oh, see me through...”

Chin’s POV

Danny is about to make a huge mistake.

Kono’s POV

I see our boss search for Danny to see if he had understood his declaration and I can see his heart shattering when he doesn´t find him.

Oh, how I could kick my haole other boss for hurting our boss.

Steve’s POV

He´s gone, he doesn´t love me, he´s gone.

I say goodbye to our friends and I almost run to my car. I can feel my heart shattering and I want to be alone, like Danny left me.



Sometimes in life, you find a special friend. Someone who changes your life just by being part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop. Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it. This is forever friendship. When you're down and the world seems dark and empty, your forever friend lifts you up in spirit and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. Your forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times an dthe confused times. If you turn and walk away, your forever friend follows. If you lose your way, your forever friend guides you and cheers you on. Your forever friend hold your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay. And if you find such a friend, you feel happy and complete because you need not worry. You have a forever friend, and forever has no end.

Wyris fic: Hold me

Hold me


Wyatt was worried sick, Chris wasn´t ok that demon scare the hell out of him, he cursed himself for being so damn dumb and leave him , but he really had to get to work and his mom and aunts were there, lesson learn he will never leave Chris again.

Chris was seven month pregnant wich means that he wasn´t as fast as he use to be, so when those demons attacked the manor he was force to fight too, and one of the demons send him flying to a wall of course Wyatt felt Chris´s distress and orbed back to the mannor screw expossure,  Chris and their baby always came firts and when he saw his lover knock out and then the same  demon attack his mom and aunts Wyatt became furious and vanquish them all, he went straight to heal Chris and he was ok but Chris got scared.

He took his cherub to bed and stay with him, cuddling him, allowing him to snuggle in to his arms, until he was asleep.

But the nightmares don´t let Chris sleep and soon Wyatt became worried.

What can I do to make you better?

Just hold me until the nightmares goes away, just hold me.

Wyatt did what he was told.

I love you

I love you too now hold me and let me sleep, that our son is already sleeping.

OK night cherub.

Night Wy.


The end

Wyris´s Fanfic A letter to Wyatt

letter to Wyatt


Autor notes:

1-      I do not own Charmed or any of his characters but I do the ones I made for this fic

2-      This is a Wyatt/Chris story wich includes Incest and Mpreg so If you don´t like it well bad luck I guess and if you like it please read it and leave a review

3-      Construtive criticism will be appreciate.

4-      English is not my mother language I´m trying really hard to improve it so be honest but not cruel.

5-      The last phrase I copy from a Wyris montage, and I love it.-(So if the author is reading this God you´re good)-

6-      This is set after the season six finale everyone knows that Chris is Piper and Leo´s second son.

7-      Chris and Leo still don´t get along.


Halliwell Manor

Chris was sitting in the manor alone writting something while his son was asleep.

 Nobody knew about Matthew yet and if he was lucky he will remain unknow to his mother aunts and specially his father, not that he was afraid, Chris was after all a very powerful witch only second of his brother´s power.

Wyatt Halliwell was the most powerful witch in the Earth well that wasn´t neccesary true anymore their son Matthew Christopher Halliwell was now the most powerful being even if his father didn´t knew about him.

Chris left Wyatt when he was four months pregnant he didn´t even know how he manage to hide his pregnancy to Wyatt and the seer but he pulled that one off and then he run away.

His cousin Henry her aunt Paige´s only living son and Prue his aunt Phoebe´s only living dauther helped him and then it was her: Bianca his best friend the only person in Wyatt´s regime that he actually liked, they help him hide until the delivery, God, Matt´s birth was way to painful 25 hours of labour, he remind him to Wyatt his cousin told him that he was like his daddy always late, but when his son was born he was happy because he had a part of the old Wyatt the good one the men he fell for, his other half, not the monster, not the source, the men he always will love.


But back to the reality he had that premonition and he knew his time was comming to an end so Matthew had to go home.


He was glad his mom was at magic school with Leo, even if he was a horrible father to him Chris knew that Leo love Wyatt and so his little big brother and his mom were safe, his aunt Phoebe was looking the father of her daugther and she was out of the manor for the night and his aunt Paige was again with that officer Henry, if only she knew he thought so he was able to bring his baby to the manor with out worry about being caut.

His baby is so good he never complains, he barely cries he is a mini Wyatt he is exactly like him, blonde hair, chubby cheeks, chippy personality his face everything is Wyatt except for the eyes, no, Matt got Chris´s eyes stunning green ones.

My dear Wyatt:

Yes is me after so long I´m writting you this letter to say good bye, you´re wondering what the hell I´m talking about, well it seem that your wish was granted my days in this life are comming to an end, somebody is after me and he will suceed in killing me, I´m not asking you to help me, I made my choice and I will live with it, I´m writting this because of our son, yes the tiny baby that you´re holding is our son, I was pregnant when I left, I´m sorry if this hurts you but I had to get out, you were killing every single thing our family believed and I realize our son didn´t have to grow like that.

I had to save you, for him but also for me.

I love you and I always will, I never stop, you were never out of mi sight I was never able to let you go, How could I?

How can I forget you when I look your face, your smile everytime I wake up?

How can I not fight for you when I know that there is more? That you´re worth it.

I see you every time I see him, because he is a part of as you as much as he is a part of me, God he looks so much like you, he has your smile and your hair and your chippy personality and you don´t know, because you left me, you choose power over us, over me, and I choose love instaid. I love you Wyatt Matthew Halliwell not the person you become and I love Matt and he just cann´t grow up with you being like this, he deserves more and so do I, that´s why I left.

I had to and I will save you but he cann´t stay here now and it breaks my heart to know that probably this will be the last time that I see him but I have to save you.

So be good to him, love him, and always know that I love you so much.

I love you and I always will.



PD: I still believe what I told you the first time we sleep together.

Everyone is born with a soulmate and sometimes....They´re born together

Like we did.

I love you




Wyatt was speechless when the baby and the note came through the triqueta.

He want to believe that nothing on that note was true, he tried so hard to find a spell to writte one to take him to Chris to his lover but something wasn´t right and three days later he was able to feel Chris death-(AN: the season six finale)- with his son in his lap.

“I love you too and we will be together again I promise, we´re soulmates after all”

He said to a little photo of him and Chris in a better time.


The End